ICE Seatbelt Sleeves UK


ICEbelt - CopynfPersonalised in minutes, attached in seconds, the ICEbelt is a universal child’s seatbelt sleeve which when completed can instantly provide First Responders with the child’s;

  • ID and photo
  • Postcode
  • Medical info
  • 2 ICE contacts

Simply insert a recent, good likeness photo of your child into the photograph pocket of the ICEbelt, complete the child’s details on the card provided, attach the ICEbelt to your child’s seatbelt and the ‘My child is wearing an ICEbelt sticker’ to your car window.

In an emergency situation every second is crucial, ensure your child’s ICE details are with them, put the ICE on your belt with ICEbelt.

For further information about the ICEbelt please visit where you can find out more about the product and purchase it. Alternatively contact  alternatively find us on our Facebook page; ICEbelt seatbelt sleeves.

As with all child’s seatbelt sleeves it is recommended that they are attached onto the seatbelt of the car. Please check our safety page on for further details.      

ICEbelt conforms to BS EN part 3:2013   


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